Sep. 19th, 2011 07:44 am
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OH DW, I'm so sick. I haven't called out of work for a few months... well, i left early one day, but that's not as bad... so I called out today because I'm soo sick. I hate calling out. The anxiety of making that phone call... ughh. My stomach is a mess and I have my AF, so intense cramping and all sorts of bodily flows (heh). I don't like tell people what's actually wrong with me, because that's just impolite, right? So I just say I'm "reallly sick." LOL and it retrospect, who knows how that comes across to someone. Does it seem that I'm not so sick when I don't say exactly the ways in which i am sick? I know if I was the boss and someone told me all of their sick feelings and symptoms, I myself would probably vom in my mouth, so I like to spare others from that horror. 'specially first in the morning.
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Why is getting pregnant such a science, when my co-worker just got knocked up by her bf, and so did my sister in law. Why is it so hard for two people who love each other so much to make a silly human being. Hmm?

I'm going to get blood work today to see if I ovulated this cycle, and then get my oil changed, my dashboard lights fixed, go grocery shopping, and pack for staying with my parents this week during my insurance training class.

I hope I can do at least one fun thing today!
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I just got my clear blue ovulation kit thinger in the mail from amazon. YAY. Can't wait to test it out next month!

After a week of cool temperatures and flooding in Southeastern PA, it's now hot as heck outside. It feels like Summer came out of her closet and decided to play. AND I can't believe it's almost FALL...less than 2 weeks away! Soon the leaves will begin to turn, and the earth will be covered in blankets of crispy, crunchy, colorful leaves. My favorite season of all seasons.
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I'm reading many differing opinions on drinking while trying to conceive. Most say that you shouldn't drink after ovulation until you're sure you're not pregnant. I think that means drink drunk though. I may have half a beer. I probably shouldn't go to the craft beer festival in town next weekend though. SAD :(

And I just hope that it's worth it. I hope I get pregnant soon and that I'm not abstaining for nothing! I love me some good beer with my hubby when I get home from a long day.

We are officially trying (after not trying for a while) beginning next cycle. We may have timed it right this cycle, but I have no way of knowing for sure because we weren't testing my ovulation. I know some of the signs, but who knows with this crazy body of mine.

In other news, I'm going for a crash course in my insurance licensing next week! I'm excited because I will cram for 4 days in this class and then I'm done! Ready to take the exam! No more half-assed studying and wondering if I'm preparing correctly. I'm very worried about my eyes though. I have an eye disorder that causes me intense pain in my eyes in bright light, as well as light induced migraines. 4 days in a classroom with florescents beating down on me is going to be very rough, killer in fact. There is no treatment for my condition. It's part of the reason why I'm still in the job that I am. Most offices are equipped with heavy artillery in the form of giant CFLs, and I physically can't handle it. When we went up to Lake Wallenpaupak last year and I ate fish every day for a week, I seemed to have little to no eye problems. Unfortunately, omega 3's don't produce the same result. So my plan is just to eat fish every day starting Monday, take omega 3's, and stay in absolute dark before and after class (I will probably be forced to anyway, considering the amount of pain I'll be in).

Sorry for the ramble.

Off to make dinner, and then probably some chocolate chip cookies for my love :)
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Starting this list... cuz I'm getting old, ya know?

Things to do before I'm 30

1. Lead a bookclub
2. Have/Make a baby
3. Make a website that makes money
4. Run a marathon
5. Make a youtube video
6. Enter a contest (haven't done this since high school)
7. Travel someplace all alone, and stay over night.
8. Screen print a t-shirt
9. Travel outside the country
10. Knit a WHOLE scarf
11. Sell something on etsy
12. Make SOAP
13. Drive cross country


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